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The Elder Files

Jul 7, 2021

We kick it off during the hottest of times in British Columbia where global warming is burning forests and heat related deaths & temps are at an unprecedented high.  Donnie shares their take on what that’s like  from Vancouver where the realities are ‘shockingly real’.  

Nor could we turn away from the shockingly real genocide of Indigenous peoples as hundreds and perhaps many more hundreds of Indigenous children's remains are discovered in unmarked graves on the sites of BC residential schools. 

Oh Canada...

We revisit Donnie’s significant first career experience as an elite hockey player, coach and captain who only in retrospect sees the opportunities that opened doors for women in hockey for years to come.

Donnie’s current role and scope of professional work as the GM for the Vancouver Park Board encompasses climate action, and an ambitious commitment to the de-colonisation of organisational practices and policies.

 The big gift for us here is Donnie Rosa.  They shed light & hope for us many who continue to live in deliberate silence for fear we might hear our own truths.

This is Donnie Rosa. 


Donnie Rosa (they/she)